Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Turnpike Inn, Rishworth

The Turnpike Inn
Oldham Road
West Yorkshire

Set in fantastic countryside just off Pennine Way and with easy access from the M62 at J22, this Inn certainly looks like a great Yorkshire pub. Inside is clean and modern, with wooden tables and chairs. See the pictures on their website.

The services was friendly but slow. It's unclear whether the Turnpike wants to be a pub or a restaurant and that indecision is shared by the staff...I had to request for the waitress to take the initial drinks order and also ask for the menus.

The pub or restaurant question is also highlighted in the menu... it has the usual fish & chips, burgers, steaks but also Malaysian fish curry, steamed venison suet pudding. Being in a large group I had the opportunity to sample a range of their main courses (steaks both rump and sirloin, lamb shank, butternut squash pancakes and the pork loin) - the food was nicely presented but didn't have much taste... a member of the group commented "The steaks I bought from the supermarket were tastier"  My thoughts were "Weatherspoons!!"

The pub / restaurant question doesn't appear in the price - with all main courses at around the £10 to £15 mark without vegetables then this place clearly wants to be a restaurant.

Verdict: The Turnpike is aiming at the restaurant market, however, it's way off the mark. Apart from the scenery and ambiance the Turnpike offers little else.  It's an expensive Weatherspoons set in the countryside.